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"A truly startling way of doing business"
"They certainly lived up to their reputation..."
"Terminology was certainly what we got - in spades."
Here at Bunsen Industries we believe that a fundamentally new approach is needed to meet the demands of today's sophisticated application development environment.

That's why we have adopted our own unique approach to the projects with which we become entwined. This approach is deeply ingrained in our patent 'Technology Through Terminology' development process which allows us to pontificate freely about the benefits of what we will deliver without ever having to put it to the test.

We believe in treating our staff as employees at all times. Every aspect of their working life is a living embodiment of the core values of the business: greed, secrecy, narrow-mindedness and rigid conformity to petty bureaucracy.

All our staff attend 'Getting away with it' a two day residential course run for us by an external consultancy from The Faroe Islands.

We know that you are only as good as you managed to convince your last client you were. This radical approach means that we are always striving to find new and innovative ways of convincing our valued clients that they are getting what they think they need.
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