Neon Eon licensed to Metal Postcard
We are pleased to announce that Chang Wording Girl's album 'Neon Eon' has been exclusively licensed to Brooklyn based Metal Postcard Records. We are confident that this arrangement will provide a solid opportunity for securing the record and the band further recognition and success in the USA. Visit Metal Postcard at www.metal-postcard.com.
Chang Wording Girl t-shirt now available.
Following a large number of requests in recent months Tagmonkey Recording Corporation are please to announce the availability of a specially comissioned Chang Wording Girl t-shirt. The t-shirt has been designed by long-term friend of, and visual collaborator with, the band Inkyung 'valentine' Park and is sure to become the sartorial must-have of the season.
The t-shirt features the Chang Wording Girl logo on the front and 'my Korea is in ruins' along with a trademark CWG double necked guitar on the reverse.
Order yours today here
Chang Wording Girl reviewed in The Wire.
The following review of Neon Eon appears in the August 2005 issue of The Wire

"Originally a trio of South Korean guitarists formed to accompany modern reinterpretations of traditional mask dances, Chang Wording Girl have evolved into an electrifying mixture of abstraction and harmony, focusing their energies on a succession of musical projects. Now joined by two vocalists, this is the groups first album to be released beyond the domestic market, and its dramatic noise collages seem decisively divorced from any specific regional or cultural origins.
Including guitar-generated pulses and drones and sudden jumps in volume and intensity, Neon Eon presents an uncompromising sound, a single piece of music that shifts restlessly between moods and arrangements for more than 20 minutes, never settling into anything resembling a comfortable groove, but opting for an episodic series of compressed but intense tableaux.
Amid the processed fuzziness, grit and aural clutter, there are hints at melody, small snippets of twanging guitar, suggestive of a fleeting, ghostlike harmony struggling to be heard. The vocals are deadpan, robotic narratives, competing with the clamour of the group, adding one more layer to this monumental but mutable sound sculpture. With a last volley of noisy, electric siren calls followed by echoing drones, swoops and dives, the music comes to an abrupt halt, suggesting perhaps that the group may well extend themselves further, with only considerations of duration offering any kind of barrier."
Review by Tom Ridge

Chang Wording Girl on Mixing It ~ Friday 3rd June.
Mixing It - BBC Radio 3's much respected flagship of innovative music featured an excerpt from Chang Wording Girl's recently released Neon Eon CD on Friday 3rd June. If you missed it you can listen again here for seven days after broadcast. [details]
Hamster Dragster included on the new release from 12 Apostles.
Hamster Dragster has contributed a track to Lord Lucan is Still Missing - the latest release from 12 Apostles ('Analogue solutions for a digital age'). The record features Ollo, Foundation, Dsico, Stefen Robinson and our own Hamster Dragsters' take on Lord Lucan is Missing, originally recorded by The Dodgems in 1978. We have heard the record and thoroughly recommend it. Each of the artists approaches the track from a very different perspective and the resulting record really hangs together well. The record is a strictly limited edition of 1,200 vinyl 12"s so don't miss out. [details]
Chang Wording Girl release now available.
Neon Eon (TAG041) the first release from South Korea's foremost experimental guitar combo is now out on Tagmonkey records. Order your copy today [details]
Copies of Hamster Dragster's Camber Classics Volume 2 will be available at this years ATP
There will be a limited number of copies of Hamster Dragster's Camber Classics Volume 2 (TAG042) around for free at this years All Tomorrows Parties curated by Vincent Gallo (April 22nd to 25th 2005). The CD features 1537 (originally recorded for The Dexter Bently show on Resonance FM), Cartography for the confused and the previously unreleased Six strings which was part of last year's live shows. [details]
Timmy and The Tight Lacers are working on material for debut release.
We are pleased to report that after lengthy and complex negotiations Montreal's Timmy and The Tight Lacers have started working on material for release towards the end of this year. We await the results with much anticipation - as we are sure will anyone who saw one of their few live shows last year.
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